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Updated: Jun 7, 2023

How Digital Workflows Can Help Publishers to Up their Game.

Let’s face it – if there’s one thing we as an industry are short on, it’s time. The more time we have collectively, the more books get produced and sold, and scathing back 10 minutes here or there from your busy schedule – although it can sometimes feel like a mini-success of sorts – only allows you a little time (on the grand scheme of things) to dedicate to something else. But what if I said that you could fundamentally transform your working life and that of your colleagues by simply implementing robust and streamlined digital workflows across your organisation; workflows that could help to reduce the time you spend on essential publishing processes by up to 80%? It sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? Yet these are the benefits that Biblio customers across the globe are reporting publicly on a regular basis.

In February 2021, we hosted a webinar on harnessing technology in order to automate and thus streamline your digital workflows. (You can watch the whole event, which features David Bremser and Gudrun Claeys from Candlewick Press and Walker Books, here). This topic is becoming ever-more relevant due not only to the pre-existing distance between teams, divisions and regions within a publishing house, but also the more recent physical distance between co-workers and colleagues from the same team and office as a result of remote-working – which has changed the landscape of office-based jobs for the immediate future and undoubtedly many more years to come. This is why, now more than ever, it’s essential to have digital workflows that can save the day; connecting your workforce and business partners (regardless of their location), bridging the distance between you and your customers, and helping you to make the most of your team’s collective time and resources whilst keeping a firm grasp on the content you’re putting out into the world.

To help you realise the full potential of implementing digital workflows within your organisation, we are in the process of producing a series of blogs which will investigate the many and varied benefits of Biblio. Each of the initial blogs will focus respectively on one of the following core publishing teams – Editorial, Production and Rights – with a view to demonstrating the differences Biblio can make within your organisation and showing you the ease with which you could free up your staff’s time to concentrate on new, innovative and more creative methods of getting your content and assets ‘out there’, to those who need and want them most. If a general lack of efficiency and organisation could be stunting your publishing house’s growth, this series will be right up your street!

The blogs in this series are as follows:

If you’d like further blogs to be added to this series, contact us to tell us more.

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