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Why Digital Workflows Matter

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Your Journey towards Publishing Efficiency.

Imagine you’re on a train (yes, I realise that’s quite a challenge after a full year of lockdowns). Now imagine that the train is your organisation, and each carriage represents one of your core publishing teams making its way along the supply chain (from ideation through delivery, to royalties and beyond). The end destination of the train is known to all its staff and customers, and the infrastructure has long been in place, however the track is old and weathered. Each twist and turn in the track is overseen manually, and each team (and their progress) is tethered to the other. And although you begin the journey with the best of intentions, the train’s momentum builds to a thunderous pace and the train’s staff become bogged down with the everyday organisation, running and maintenance of the train and its track, rather than focussing on achieving their full potential or establishing new opportunities.

Suddenly, there’s a glitch in the system – a glitch that no one could have foreseen or prepared for – and it is now no longer possible to walk from one carriage to another. The internal communications infrastructure on the train is limited at best so contact between the various carriages becomes strained and time-consuming, and the universal resolve that once existed on the train is now fragmented. Shortly, you begin to realise that (due to poor communication) key information and activities are being duplicated within your organisation by respective teams, and that this key content (including multi-use resources) is being stored in various locations which are inaccessible to other teams (for whom they would have been invaluable). The train begins to yield, and the progress of your organisation begins to falter.

This is the situation that a vast number of organisations, across multiple industries, found themselves in just over a year ago, as a result of the COVID-19 lockdowns. Each book industry representative was metaphorically forced into their own carriage (in solitude) at short notice and consequently many of us were left scratching our heads, trying to identify the best way to unify our now distant colleagues through technology. For many, the solution has proven to be Biblio.

Biblio’s unique features and unmatched offering of solutions (which are tailored to support all types of publishers and content providers) really shine a light on the value of automated, digital workflows.

Biblio’s unique software provides a single, central location for all your organisation’s product data and business information – paving the way for the emergence of a modern, more efficient organisation and all associated workflows. In particular, Biblio provides both access to and storage of your content / intellectual property, data and assets in real-time, allowing your staff and permitted business partners around the world to gain access to the information they require at the click of a mouse. Furthermore, Biblio’s features span the entire publishing supply chain from acquisition and editorial, through rights and production, to royalties and beyond; making it possible for you to choose and implement the modules that meet your organisation’s requirements at any given time.

Biblio is both reliable and easy to use by nature, ensuring that every person within your publishing house will be more than capable of operating it, from temps to CEOs and MDs. In this way, it is intended to strategically benefit whole organisations, and it achieves this by:

  1. minimising the number of file-sharing apps required by an organisation;

  2. de-duplicating and therefore optimising your organisation’s data and file storage systems to ensure they remains accurate and up-to-date;

  3. reducing, if not eradicating, the number of error-prone, manual processes used in-house;

  4. providing tracking and versioning for your data to ensure that every permitted person within your organisation has access to the latest information;

  5. providing insightful reports and predictions (based on your real-life sales data);

  6. generating catalogues and digital packs for prospects at the click of a button;

  7. controlling and recording the data, resources and review copies that are shared across your organisation and with business partners;

  8. encouraging collaboration between staff;

  9. opening up opportunities between new/prospective and existing business partners;

  10. and much, much more.

For a breakdown of the specific benefits that Biblio can bring to each respective team within your organisation, please watch this space! The forthcoming blogs in this series will be coming soon and will be made available on our landing page, here.

Biblio is more than capable of bringing about transformation within every publishing house. It is workflow-driven for a reason, allowing you to pick and choose the desired solutions for your organisation based on your requirements and goals. It enhances, automates and increases efficiency as standard, enabling your teams to focus on new and existing prospects and opportunities.

Over the past year, remote-working has evidently both exacerbated and reinforced the need for automation; this is why, now more than ever, it’s essential to implement digital workflows within your organisation in order to future-proof your business for many more years to come.

Biblio is developed in partnership/collaboration with its client publishers to ensure it never fails to meet your requirements. The resultant software is secure, sophisticated and intended to inform and support your business decisions every step of the way. Furthermore, post the go-live date, Virtusales provides its customers with the tools to be able to roll out their own workflows (as familiarity with Biblio increases and more teams get involved), giving you the opportunity to further enhance your digital workflows over time.

We cannot say it enough: take control of your data and give your staff the tools they need to grow your business so it can reach its full potential!

Don’t just take our word for it!

David Bremser, IT Director at Candlewick Press, recently stated that “Biblio truly is that central technology that we all use [at both Candlewick Press and Walker Books]”. Why not find out more about the benefits of Biblio by watching our February 2021 webinar “Harnessing Technology to bring Efficiencies to Digital Workflows”, here.

Say it loud, and say it proud: Digital Workflows Matter!

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